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5 Interview Pet Peeves from Hiring Managers

By Elizabeth Robichaud

Hiring managers and recruiters post a lot of information online about their interviewing and resume pet peeves. This is extremely beneficial for job seekers and those looking to advance their career because you can avoid these "fatal" errors with a minimal amount of time and effort! Here's what we've compiled for you!
Five interview pet peeves to be avoided:

1. Complaining about the job search process or blaming the economy.

Employers want to see candidates who can make the most of a difficult situation and are resourceful.

"Employers want to hire George Clooney, not George Costanza. We are looking for candidates that are confident in what they have to offer a company," says Lee E. Miller, the author of UP: Influence Power and the U Perspective - The Art of Getting What You Want

2. Ineffective informational interviews.

Informational interviews are a valuable tool when testing the waters of a new industry or looking to see if your dream job is actually your perfect match. However, in an informational interview, it is the job seeker who has the lead and sets the agenda. Be prepared and know what answers you are looking for, prior to reaching out. As a life-long career management tool, informational interviews are easier to secure and are a common networking technique.

“Most professionals recognize this as an ordinary part of business and are not offended by being approached for an interview.” - Steve C. Wilson

3. Unprepared candidates.

Be curious and engaged. The interviewer has screened your resume and checked references; you should be doing the same with the company, industry, position and potential colleagues. Take a pro-active stance in order to understand better what the employer is looking for and to confirm what you want out of a particular job opening.

4. Not tailoring your questions or resume.

The interview process is a courtship that begins with your resume. Generic job descriptions just won’t make the cut. Just as employers want to ensure that you will be the perfect candidate, you should be making sure that this is your dream job beyond the job description posted.

5. Descriptions instead of accomplishments.

On an average, a assume has less than 30 seconds to make an notable and positive impression. Listing job descriptions only gives employers the sense of the scope and duties of your past positions were but doesn’t provide context to how well you performed, your creativity or innovation. Quantifiable results matter.

“Interviewers are people who can tie their past accomplishments to results needed on the new job. Would you buy a product that didn't advertise what it could do for you? Sell yourself or sit on the shelf,” states Joan Lloyd.

As an employer or job hunter, what are your interview pet peeves?

~Elizabeth Robichaud is a bilingual up-and-coming professional communicator. A member of IABC Toronto, Elizabeth is graduating this spring from the post-graduate certificate in public relations at Centennial College.


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