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7 Face-to-Face Networking Tips

By Elizabeth Robichaud

Networking. It’s a loaded word. For some, it stirs up anxiety and fear. For others, it is a chance to meet new friends and colleagues. Networking is key to establishing connections for contracts, suppliers, vendors and clients - and a necessary part of doing business, especially in the realm of social media, software product entreprenurs and start-ups.

1. Name Tags
Name tags are a great equalizer since everyone looks a little goofy, regardless of title or position. Some events will tie an ice breaker into the name tags such as listing hobbies or Twitter handles. Wear your name tag on your left lapel so that your name is visible when shaking hands.


5 Interview Pet Peeves from Hiring Managers

By Elizabeth Robichaud

Hiring managers and recruiters post a lot of information online about their interviewing and resume pet peeves. This is extremely beneficial for job seekers and those looking to advance their career because you can avoid these "fatal" errors with a minimal amount of time and effort! Here's what we've compiled for you!

Meet Elizabeth, Our Guest Blogger!

Please welcome Elizabeth Robichaud who will be writing some posts for HeadStart in the next few months. Topics include making the most out of your career and networking opportunities, infographic resumes, job hunting, interview skills and, of course, social media!

Ten Simple Ways to Generate Leads on Twitter - The Globe and Mail

Our article in The Globe and Mail was published this week! Enjoy!

Ten Simple Ways to Generate Leads on Twitter

HeadStart Now a Sponsor for #DevTO!

We are pleased to announce HeadStart's sponsorship of #DevTO - one of Toronto's growing communities of software developers and designers. This month's event features speakers from Xtreme Labs Inc. and DealPage.

For more information about the event on November 28th, please visit the DevTO website.

4 Free Online Productivity Tools You Can Use Right Away

Jing (via Screencast)

Share screenshots, video and images instantly. Jing captures what you need and Screencast allows you to host the information for sharing. Sue’s Note: Very cool “show and tell” tool when you need to share something instantly.

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